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Successful inspiration event demonstrated creative entrepreneurship

Yesterday, Founders Loft invited to an evening of inspiration with fantastic female entrepreneurs on the theme "design your life", where there was also an opening and display of "wearable art". The audience got to listen to honest and down-to-earth stories about journeys towards creative entrepreneurship, with both setbacks and wins, lessons learned and experiences.

Being able to work with their dream looked different for the inspirers and some did not work with their entrepreneurship full time either, but common to all was that they conveyed the value of being creative on their own terms in the creation of their entrepreneurial journey and their lives.

Drinks and a mingling buffet were offered and the guests could also enjoy the beautiful works of art that adorned the walls of the Founders Loft. In addition, designer Viveka Gren showed off her "wearable art" which some of the guests also got to try on and be photographed with.

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"Our idea with this evening was to showcase amazing women who have designed their life in a way that suits them. That there are those who have dared to create creativity in their life and dared to dream and take the leap.

Everyone can work towards and with their dream, not always full-time but with a passion in their heart to make a difference," says Jessica Oldborn, business developer at Founders Loft.


Lejla Mundzic: Emerga institute. The woman who had to create her own job when her dream job didn't exist. Leyla dared and now Emerga exists. A company that works for human rights in practice.

Sofia Magnusson who had a dream to spread more embroidery to the world, let creativity take up more space on the walls but let the craft tradition take a step into the digital world. That's why we can now create our own patterns through The Folklore Company

Carolin Jönsson: The girl who decided to create an innovation company for the hospitality industry and develop attractive experiences all over Sweden. Develop Connections is now part of a larger company but still creates assignments with Courage, Commitment, Joy, Responsibility and Sustainability.

Viveka Gren who dared to make the decision to let creativity take its place and create fantastic and sustainable creations in everything from clothes to jewelry with her brand FireBirdFusion and Wearable art. Her creations are magical and can be both bought and rented.

Hannah Rydberg, who stands with one foot in medical technology and the other in the world of art, and has created in her life a space where creativity finds outlet through her paintings to balance out life as a salesperson. She will hold her first opening during our evening.


16.30 Welcome with mingling.

16.45 Sofia, The Folklore Company

17.00 Leyla Emerga Institute

17.15 Caroline Develop Connections

17.30 Viveka Gren

17.45 Hannah Rydberg

Then it was time for mingling and the vernissage


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