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New and exciting company at Founders Loft - Findex

Updated: May 8, 2023

Interview with Getoar Kumnova, CEO Findex:

A warm Welcome to Founders Loft, tell us more about ”Findex"

The main purpose of Findex is to democratize the private banking experience and give our users access to quality investment opportunities. We want to help our users manage, maintain and grow a diversified investment portfolio regardless of where they are in their financial journey.

Findex was something that originated as a solution to a problem that was expressed within my own network when it comes to managing and getting an overview of one’s investment portfolio. This problem space was explored by bouncing ideas with an experienced friend with insights into the finance industry. This is where the seed for Findex was planted and what would ultimately lead to a product that creates value for investors on a larger scale.

As I’ve been involved in the startup scene for a few years, I got opportunities to invest early in a few startups. This got me reflecting on how difficult it was to keep up with changes within just one unlisted company as an investor, imagine a portfolio with many! Furthermore, investors tend to also have other asset types such as public stocks, real estate, commodities, crypto, collectibles, gold, or other valuable assets.

I decided to do more research to gather detailed insights which led me to conduct a large number of deep interviews with investors across the investment spectrum, from hobby investors to active angel investors. Findex became the solution - a digital and seamless asset management platform that decreases time spent on admin, provides an overview, and enables more opportunities.

Who are you and the team behind the startup?

Besides me as the CEO, we have an amazing team moving the company forward. I myself have an M.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering and have various experiences with developing products within different start-ups & scale-ups across different industries. I’ve always had a passion for product development and entrepreneurship which is what led me to work specifically with companies in earlier stages. This is where I could solve bigger problems, be a part of building a company, and directly contribute to creating value for the users. With Findex, I feel confident that we are creating something unique and valuable as we have a laser focus on our users, their needs, and the value that we create for them.

Besides myself and the team, we also have an experienced and visionary advisory board with extensive experience from all areas within the finance industry. Together we aim to make a real and lasting impact by democratizing and modernizing private banking.

What got you to apply for our incubator?

I’ve previously worked with two of the startups in the Founders Loft incubator and saw that Founders Loft provided a great foundation for those companies. This period was very educational for me as things moved very quickly and I had to solve problems outside of my primary domain. In addition to this, I gained access to a community of entrepreneurs and other startups, which enabled sharing of ideas and working together to solve problems and overcome challenges. It was often the case that someone else had encountered the same problems and could provide other perspectives and context for solutions. With this in mind, it made sense for me to contact Founders Loft again to provide the same environment for the Findex team.

What's the next step for ”Findex”?

The next step for Findex is to focus on refining the product and keep building our team, before moving into the commercialization phase. More news coming soon!

Read more about Findex:


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