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We present a new Founders Loft company - Parking time!

We are now presenting a new exciting company into the incubator called Parking Time, which offers a tech solution that aims to make things easier for car owners. We are pleased to be able to present the company through the below interview with the founder Matilda Öhman.

Warm welcome to Founders Loft, tell us more about your company

Thanks so much!

Parking Time Sweden is a start-up company that offers a digital parking disc. We complement the market for parking apps by focusing on free parking with a parking disc.

With our solution, we want to offer a neat, user-friendly and digital p-disk, which is always available and which facilitates the parking process for residents and tourists. At the same time, the app aims to streamline parking monitoring and contribute to an active and vibrant city centre.

The app is simple in that it only requires a vehicle registration number for use, the app automatically sets the time correctly and reminds the user when the time is about to end, this way we want to help users avoid parking fines.

By taking the p-disk from an analogue to a digital format, new possibilities also open up. Our digital parking disc collects information about how residents and tourists park and how the load varies, which is useful in municipalities' community planning to optimize traffic flows.

Who are you and the team behind the startup? Currently, the team consists of three partners, of which I (Matilda) am the operative in the company. My name is Matilda, I am 23 years old and have just graduated from the Bachelor of Economics program in Luleå. From my education, I have developed skills in, among other things, business development, business modelling, sales and marketing, which are very useful in business. In addition to entrepreneurship, I also have a strong interest in sustainability and have previously been involved in Climate Students Sweden. Our two additional partners contribute feedback, support and knowledge from their many years of experience from starting and running businesses!

What made you apply to Founders Loft? Instead of possessing all the knowledge yourself, I think it is a winning concept to work in a community, for example an incubator, where you exchange knowledge with each other and thus help each other forward! For us, it is important that we bring the right tools to take our company where we want and at the same time have the opportunity to develop as an entrepreneur, which we have got the impression that Founders Loft does. We are convinced that Founders Loft can support us in our business journey through the right tools, coaching and network!

What is the next step for your company?

We have developed our app and launched it on the Appstore and Google Play. We are today in a municipality where the response has been very good from both residents, local entrepreneurs and the municipality itself. The focus going forward will therefore be sales and communication, we are now investing wholeheartedly in establishing ourselves on the Swedish market!


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