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Parametric solutions & Jolint on the Entrepreneurs' top list of 103 young ideas in 2023

For the eighth year in a row, Företagarna publishes 103 young ideas - a top list of inspiring, innovative companies where one of the founders is a maximum of 35 years old. Ten of the 103 companies recognized on the list compete to win the Young Idea of ​​the Year award, where the winner is awarded a scholarship of SEK 250,000 from Bengt Bengtsson's SIBA foundation. The scholarship will be awarded at a pitch event in Gothenburg on May 25, 2023.

The purpose of the list is to highlight role models at an early stage, who, thanks to their entrepreneurship, contribute to development, diversity and welfare. Many of these entrepreneurs are at an early stage of their entrepreneurial career, and in the selection process, more emphasis is therefore placed on ideas and drive than on the latest annual report. The list reflects the entrepreneurial power that exists throughout the country - and 103 young ideas include entrepreneurs in all counties. The list is published in the magazine Företagaren and

The nomination process includes the Entrepreneurs' regional office, the Entrepreneurs' young network, incubators and startup networks throughout the country. The list is compiled as a collaboration between Företagarna and Almi.

About Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions provide architects, developers, and real estate professionals with a powerful software program that helps them quickly generate 3D models of building designs. The program allows users to input various parameters, such as room sizes and wall heights, and then generates a 3D model of the building that can be easily modified and adjusted in real-time.

With Parametric Solutions, the clients can generate quick and accurate feasibility studies and conceptual designs. The software can also analyze the financial feasibility of a project by estimating the construction costs and potential revenue streams.

The tool is a comprehensive solution that can help streamline the design process and reduce the time and resources required to create and modify building designs. Its parametric design capabilities make it a powerful tool for creating efficient and customizable designs that meet specific parameters and constraints.

Parametric Solutions are committed to providing their clients with a software program that helps them create building designs that are both functional and beautiful.

About Jolint

Jolint is dedicated to helping organizations create more inclusive and diverse workplaces. The data-driven platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to track and measure the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Jolint believes that DEI is not just a buzzword or a checkbox to be ticked, but a critical business priority that can drive positive change and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. By using Jolint's automated platform, companies get real-time insights into the state of inclusion and belonging within their organizations. It will allow them to track progress and measure the impact of DEI initiatives.

The platform will be a game-changer for companies looking to create more inclusive cultures. By providing them with the tools and insights they need to drive positive change, a help to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces where all employees can thrive.


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