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The tech company Piffl creates a sustainable solution for providing firewood - Region Skåne first in line!

✨ - Piffl is part of Founders Loft incubator - ✨

The tech company Piffl, focusing on making outdoor activities accessible and easier for the public, has now expanded its innovation to develop a sustainable solution for providing the public with access to firewood along hiking trails. Region Skåne is the first to benefit from this initiative, as along the Skåneleden trail, they can now better monitor the consumption of firewood and target their audience, increase sustainability, and streamline their workforce. Additionally, hikers can check in the app if there is firewood available at their destination. Very convenient if you're planning to barbecue along the way!

The municipalities' provision of firewood along hiking trails has previously been quite challenging because it has required a lot of resources to monitor the availability of firewood. It is also difficult to know if there is theft or overconsumption occurring.

When we got in touch with Region Skåne and heard about their needs and problems with wood handling, it felt like a natural path to broaden our product and promote the joy of movement in a slightly different environment," says Andreas Sundgren, one of Piffl's co-founders.

With Piffl's boxes connected to the app, Skåneleden's developers can now better understand their trails and the behavior patterns of their visitors. The platform will also be able to provide outdoor and social games, etc., which will give visitors even more value along Skåneleden. This will happen in the same boxes that provide access to firewood but in surrounding compartments. The app can also provide information and tips on nearby activity areas and, for example, where to find access to fresh water.

Höörs municipality was the first to go live with the firewood boxes, and now at the beginning of 2024, Östra Göinge municipality, Ängelholm municipality, and Osby municipality will also get started. The investment in firewood boxes is part of the project 'Kraftsamling Outdoor Skåne,' which is funded by the EU's rural development program through the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, which administers this support.

This is how you use Piffl:

  1. Find the box at one of the campsites that has a Piffl box.

  2. Pay the amount of 40 SEK to open a firewood box.

  3. To open the compartment, you need to be within 5 meters of the box."

Piffl enables increased access to movement and community

PIFFL is fundamentally an activity box and service for sports and leisure that activates our outdoor spaces such as local sports grounds, parks, and activity areas. Through PIFFL's app, users gain access to pink activity boxes filled with sports equipment, outdoor games, and exercise tools. The app also includes an activity map with designated places where one can engage in active leisure. For instance, users can find their nearest outdoor gym or locate soccer and basketball courts.

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