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We welcome the startup Rekitchen to Founders Loft!

Welcome to Founders Loft, Emma Ytterstad, tell us more about Rekitchen :

Rekitchen is a circular service for kitchen gadgets, an alternative and sustainable way to consume everything you need in the kitchen to cook.

In collaboration with some of Sweden's and the Nordic region's leading producers and brands, we put together packages with premium pans, frying pans and tools to rent them out. The customers rents for as long as they want and then returns them when the items are no longer needed.

We make sure they are rented out and back in use soon. In this way, we give consumers the opportunity to use really good stuff in the kitchen at the same time that the products have a longer life and are used more efficiently. Which leads to more sustainability.

Because high-quality products are not produced in huge volumes, we also get reduced emissions as a result. For producers, this also becomes an incentive to create even higher quality products so that they last even longer.

Who are you and the team behind the startup?

I am basically an economist who in recent years has worked a lot with digital product development and service design. A few years ago it was like I understood that we are in the middle of the climate crisis, and then I decided that I really wanted to do something. It took a few years to come up with the idea but now we're up and running!

The team currently consists of me but I'm looking for the perfect partner and team!

What made you apply to our incubator?

I have been in contact with Founders Loft ever since I started Rekitchen and last year I entered the Pre-incubator. Founders Loft has a great reputation and I like all the business developers I've met. It felt like a no brainer to apply!

What is the next step for Rekitchen?

Rekitchen now has two goals: To grow the team and test the concept on a larger scale!


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