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Anferra one of the winners of Venture Cup's Regional West Final!

In April, the startup Anferra (the startup that converts waste into valuable raw materials) won the Founders Challenge final. Now, at Venture Cup's Regional Final West held at Brewhouse Gothenburg, they also secured the Impact Maker award

There were many fantastic pitches at the event organized with  Brewhouse Inkubator  as the event partner. The weather provided sunshine, and there was an excited atmosphere among the nominees.

A big congratulations to Anferra and the other winners of Venture Cup's Regional Final! And a big congratulations to Venture Cup for a fantastic event! See some pictures from the event below.

About Venture Cup

Venture Cup is the competition for tomorrow's entrepreneurs, connecting industry experts with future entrepreneurs and offering a process for anyone with an idea. Venture Cup provides inspiration, education, mentoring, and the opportunity to build a solid network. Founded in 1998 on the initiative of McKinsey & Company in collaboration with Chalmers University, Gothenburg University, and Innovationsbron, Venture Cup is supported by all major universities in Sweden and operated in partnership with the private and public sectors. Since its inception in 1998, over 18,000 business ideas have competed, and approximately 30 percent of those ideas have become businesses.


About Anferra

Anferra comes from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and is incubated by Chalmers Ventures. Anferra promotes circularity in the steel and chemical industries by turning waste into valuable resources. We help machining companies increase their recycling rate by targeting a waste fraction that is today largely landfilled, called steel grinding swarf. Our patent-pending process can transform this waste into a water treatment chemical, iron chloride, achieving purity levels that meet European standards for treating drinking water. The other contents in the grinding swarf can be separated out and used in stainless steel production.  In addition, the process generates hydrogen gas as a byproduct, which we see great potential in utilizing as energy.


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