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Fello is "Mobile Operator of the Year" at the Telekomgala!

Fello recently announced that they have received the award "Mobile Operator of the Year 2022" at the Telekomgala.

The small mobile operator received the great honor

Fello topped all relationship drivers in the survey and tops five out of seven industry drivers. Above all, customers point to good mobile coverage, value for money and a simple product.

Since the start in 2014, Fello has prioritized customer satisfaction at all stages of development.

Today, the company continues to develop mobile subscriptions with the goal of focusing on the customer experience rather than chasing new customers.

"This is a milestone and victory for Fello! A receipt that the basic idea for Fello is absolutely right," says Angelika Gertell, Head of Fello. "A result of fantastic teamwork where we always have the customer experience and simplicity in focus. Because we sit together with customer service, we have the customer in the room, every day of the week," continues Angelika.

NPS ranking from Nordic Bench 2022 The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric that measures customers' propensity to recommend an operator.


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