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Flourish is organizing a webinar with TIL-Tid

✨ - Flourish is a part of Founders Loft incubator -

40 Knowledge-Packed Minutes on Challenges and Solutions in Commerce

WHEN? November 29th, at 11:15 AM.

WHERE: Microsoft Teams, register here:

Free of charge

In a Knowledge-Enriched Discussion, Viewers are Invited to 40 Minutes Packed with Insights into the Challenges the Commerce Sector Faces Now and Various Solutions to These Issues.

Roberto Spagnolo from TIL-Tid leads the conversation with Mårten Andersson from Flourish and Nils Hedström at Higher. The discussion revolves around how other companies have sharpened their operations in the real work environment: by reducing administration and costs, fostering more engaged employees, and increasing productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Flourish is a modern and operation-focused employee survey tailored specifically for the service and grocery retail industry. Flourish's employee measurements provide continuous and operationally relevant insights into both operations and employee engagement. In real-time, the management team and store manager have the opportunity to solve everyday problems, freeing up employees' focus to be directed towards the customer.

TIL-Tid is Sweden's leading workforce planning system for trade, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. Since 1986, TIL-Tid has continuously developed its products in collaboration with its customers. Today, they own a leading scheduling system that encompasses both software and hardware components.

This discussion not only sheds light on the challenges facing the commerce sector today but also provides concrete examples of how innovative solutions, such as Flourish and TIL-Tid, can be the key to meeting and overcoming these obstacles. With a focus on improving work life and optimizing operations, the conversation points the way toward a more efficient and successful commerce sector.


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