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Founders Loft presents new mentor

Founders loft expands its amazing mentor network with another star! This time it is the business coach Olivia Karlsson who not only brings expertise and advice in early investment and marketing but also brings a vast interest in personal development.

Olivia is a committed business coach with a track record of building and running startups, solving hidden business problems and driving innovation. She brings expertise in early-stage investments, advisory roles in the form of optimizing team dynamics, expertise in B2B sales and lead generation in various industries, including tech and aviation. She is passionate about coaching and guiding budding entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Furthermore, Olivia also has an MBA in international marketing and an interest in mindfulness and personal development. She has seen that it pays off in business to put one's own health as a priority in terms of development.

"I find purpose in being of service to others, to constantly push limiting beliefs and technical boundaries; within myself, and to help other fellow human beings.", Olivia writes.

"We are so happy to welcome Olivia to our growing mentor network. She will be a really strong resource for our companies with her background, experience and skills," says Alma Backendal, business coach Founders Loft.

Olivia on LinkedIn


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