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Founders Loft welcomes a new mentor

Perspectives from the outside are crucial for startup founders to create meaningful businesses. With Founders Loft's mentor network, our companies have the opportunity to build their own business networks, gain external perspectives on decisions and strategies based on previous experiences, and receive other valuable insights that accelerate the company's journey. Now, we are pleased to welcome another star to our mentor network; Mimmi Nyman, who contributes expertise in HR, talent acquisition, and organizational development!

Mimmi has a background in behavioral science and has worked with HR, leadership, talent acquisition, and business development for many years. Since 2012, Mimmi has been running her own businesses and has had the privilege of getting to know various types of enterprises, ranging from small to large, private to public, and across multiple industries. In addition to assignments and employment, she has also started and managed an e-commerce venture in retail, a business she later sold. Since 2019, Mimmi has primarily been active in the tech sector and in growth organizations, with a main focus on business development, HR, establishing structure, processes, and order, talent acquisition, and leadership support.

"It's truly exciting to become a part of Founders Loft's community, and I look forward to getting to know the various enterprises. I've always been passionate about development, building companies, and sharing experiences, and this feels like the perfect place for that. Collaborating on innovative and pioneering solutions within a context that contributes to a more sustainable society is something I'm eagerly anticipating," says Mimmi Nyman, founder and consultant at Get Skills.

Mimmi is passionate about meetings, conversations, and the relationships, continuing to evolve and the opportunity to help people and businesses grow, find their way, and reach their goals.


"It feels absolutely fantastic to welcome Mimmi to our network of mentors! Her knowledge and understanding of how to build strong and cohesive teams will provide our companies with a fantastic opportunity to shape world-class teams and scale up their operations!" - says Alma Backendal, Business Coach specializing in Team and Talent at Founders Loft.

Our Mentors

About Founders Loft's mentor network

To help our startups avoid others' mistakes and build their own business networks, Founders Loft maintains a growing network of mentors. Founders Loft's mentor network includes a diverse community of business leaders, former founders, and investors. Our mentors work closely with our founders to share knowledge, external perspectives, and market insights that accelerate the company's success.

For startups in our community, mentors offer:

  • Specialized subject matter expertise: Product development, mobile/web development, marketing, sales, management, financing, etc.

  • Networking opportunities: Contacts and market knowledge spanning across Sweden, the Nordics, and Europe.

  • Experience-based feedback: Fresh perspectives on your decisions and strategies based on previous experiences.


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