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Sunsurf Solar receives the Swedish Solar Energy's award for this year's achievement!

Photo of the Sunsurf Solar Team recieving the Solenergi prize
Fotograf: Johanna Peterson

Since 2004, the industry association Swedish Solar Energy has awarded the Solar Energy Prize for contributions to solar energy. With awards spanning three different categories, installations, companies, and individuals are celebrated for their progress, which is not only worth highlighting but also inspiring. This year, it is the tech company Sunsurf Solar - basking in the spotlight - that receives the Solar Energy Prize in the category of Achievement of the Year!

The Solar Energy Prize highlights new examples of the industry's most innovative ideas and developments each year, actively driving forward the progress of the technological field.

- "Sunsurf Solar is incredibly proud to receive the Swedish Solar Energy's award for this year's achievement. Securing first place in fierce competition signifies that we are doing many things right and that floating solar cells now have a place in Swedish solar energy," says Marc Montgomery, CEO of Sunsurf Solar.

Sunsurf Solar demonstrates through Sweden's first floating solar cell installation that the boundaries for solar energy in Sweden are not limited to ground and rooftop installations.

By harnessing water bodies for floating solar parks, the potential for large-scale projects increases where competition for land resources may exist. Floating solar parks reduce water evaporation while simultaneously enhancing the cooling effect to boost solar cell efficiency.

Sunsurf Solar's floating solar park technology is innovative, designed to withstand the Nordic climate. Through the use of double-sided solar cells, electricity production is increased. At the same time, the cells allow light to pass through, ensuring that photosynthesis continues in the reservoir. Sunsurf Solar demonstrates through Sweden's first floating solar cell installation that the boundaries for solar energy in Sweden are not confined to ground and rooftop installations. Their work is an exemplary example of initiative and serves as an inspiring reminder that technological development and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Through the Solar Energy Prize, the industry association aims to shed light on the significance of solar energy - to spread knowledge about the industry's progress across the country so that more people can discover the potential of solar energy.

Sunsurf is part of Founders Loft and is co-incubated with Innovatum Science Park.

About Sunsurf Solar

Sunsurf Solar develops floating solar cell modules for energy production, which are integrated into artificial waterways, water surfaces, and low-value land areas. The company was the first in Sweden with floating solar cell parks and aims to be a market leader in its industry, providing competitive solar installations as an alternative to traditional roof- or ground-based installations.

Their floating solar cell installations reduce water evaporation and increase solar cell efficiency through the cooling effect of water. In addition, Sunsurf resolves the highly publicized trade-off between increased energy production and maintaining food supply. This is because Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules utilize an already exploited area. Therefore, the landowner does not need to choose between allocating farmland for solar energy production or continuing to use the land as before.

Sustainability is a central focus for Sunsurf Solar, and their floating solar cell modules generate renewable energy with a lifespan of at least 25 years, ensuring long-term and cost-effective energy production.

Sunsurf strives for long-term sustainability in everything they do, which characterizes their design and material choices to create products with a long lifespan. Unlike competitors, they have designed the solar cell module for maximum light penetration, both to maximize the water's reflection effect and to minimize the impact on the water body during installation. Sunsurf's primary focus is on irrigation ponds, where their floating modules blend in with the environment. In addition to irrigation ponds, Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules are also suitable for limestone and stone quarries, marshes, wetlands, and peatlands.

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