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Detecht, one of the world's leading motorcycle apps, celebrates 5 years!

Detecht has developed a service and an app for motorcyclists with a focus on safety, discovering and exploring and the interaction between riders. Yesterday the company announced that they are celebrating their 5th anniversary as a company, with a remarkable usage statistics of more than 600 000 motorcycle riders worldwide. This marks one of many exciting milestones for the company.

"We at Founders Loft are so happy that Detecht is celebrating 5 years as a company. Niclas and the team have been a fantastic support for many of our entrepreneurs!"

What started as a school and research project at Chalmers has evolved into one of the world’s leading motorcycle apps, revolutionizing the way riders connect, navigate, and stay safe on the road.

In a article in Svedea you can read the story about Iwan Karlsson who was saved by Detecht's motorcycle app when he had an accident;

"Iwan Karlsson drove his motorbike at low speed. When he braked at an intersection, gravel lay across the road and he fell over. Fortunately, Detecht's crash alarm was activated and an ambulance was on the scene within 10 minutes.

- Decisive for my accident was the rolling gravel that I didn't have time to discover. When I fell over, one foot got stuck under the bike and bent backwards. A piece of bone was pulled out with a three-week plaster cast as a result. But I am very grateful for Detecht's app which worked amazingly well! A call from the emergency center came within 30 seconds and when I didn't answer, the emergency services sent an ambulance that was on the scene ten minutes later, says Iwan Karlsson. "


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