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Findex at Angel Prize

✨ - Findex is a part of Founders Loft incubator -

We want to highlight the recent activity of one of our portfolio companies, Findex, who announced on their LinkedIn their participation at the prestigious Angel Prize event hosted by Nordic Angels. The grand gala served as a convergence point for 1000 leaders from the dynamic realms of startup and scaleup ecosystems.

Angel Prize (Sweden) is an approval-only gathering of the best and most engaged angels within the Swedish startup and scaleup ecosystem - not only from the capital cities, but from all major regions - together representing Sweden’s major corporations and businesses. The 1000 person capacity event guests also include representatives of Sweden’s largest family offices, best VCs and top angel investors.

Findex's Mission: Democratizing and Modernizing Private Banking

At the core of this success story lies Findex's mission to democratize and modernize the private banking experience. Findex aims to redefine the future of private banking by offering a platform that allows individuals to consolidate their investment portfolios seamlessly.

If you're eager to experience the cutting edge of private banking and streamline your investment strategies, visit the Findex website and sign up for early access.


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