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Founders Loft welcomes the company Sunsurf Solar to the incubator!

Sunsurf Solar is the tech company focusing on the development of sustainable and efficient solar installations and was the first in Sweden with floating solar parks. Now, Founders Loft welcomes this exciting company to our incubator program!

"We at the Sunsurf team are incredibly excited to become a part of Founders Loft's community. We look forward to continuing to build Sunsurf's brand and introducing more people to the possibilities of floating solar cells. With Founders Loft, we aim to refine our product, business model, and begin exporting our products in 2024," says Marc Montgomery, Founder of Sunsurf Solar."

"It will be fun and exciting to follow and support the team behind this exciting innovation. We are especially pleased with their new approach to conserving Earth's resources and developing new areas to promote sustainability," says Jessica Oldborn, Business Coach, Head of Operations, Founders Loft.

The founders of the company (established in 2020) are Martin Örgård, Marc Montgomery, and Björn Larsson, all with a burning interest and passion for the environment. While Martin and Björn are civil engineers educated at Chalmers University of Technology, specializing in offshore/floating energy, Marc, who graduated from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, has expertise in sustainability and environmental law.

Founders Loft will support the company in co-incubation with Innovatum Science Park, where Sunsurf Solar has been a part of since 2022.

About Sunsurf Solar

Sunsurf Solar develops floating solar cell modules for energy production, which are integrated into artificial waterways, water surfaces, and areas with low ecological value. The company was the first in Sweden with floating solar parks and aims to be a market leader in its industry, providing competitive solar installations as an alternative to traditional roof- or ground-based installations.

Their floating solar installations reduce water evaporation and increase the efficiency of solar cells through the cooling effect of water. Additionally, Sunsurf addresses the highly publicized trade-off between increased energy production and maintaining food supply. This is because Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules utilize already exploited areas. Therefore, landowners do not need to choose between allocating farmland for solar energy production or continuing to cultivate the land as before.

Sustainability is a central focus for Sunsurf Solar, and their floating solar cell modules generate renewable energy and have a lifespan of at least 25 years, ensuring long-term and cost-effective energy production.

Sunsurf strives for sustainability in all its endeavors, which influences their design and material choices to create products with long lifespans. Unlike competitors, they have designed the solar cell module for maximum light penetration, both to maximize the reflection effect of water and to minimize the impact on the water body during installation. Sunsurf's primary focus is on irrigation reservoirs, where their floating modules blend seamlessly with the environment. In addition to irrigation reservoirs, Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules are suitable for lime and stone quarries, marshes, wetlands, and peatlands.

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