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Parametric Solutions showcased their product at the AGV PropTech Hub

At PropTech Hub's event last week, Parametric Solutions was invited to showcase their product together with companies such as Mimbly, Allicon, SINOM and Combify AB. It is a recurring event organized by AGV where tech companies get the chance to pitch on stage to an audience full of property owners, consultants and investors.

"It was very fun and appreciated to be able to present our product to an audience that can really benefit from it, and we have several similar contexts that we look forward to participating in," says Sofia Malmsten, founder and CEO of Parametric Solutions

Moreover, they released a video before the event which you can watch here:

About Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions provide architects, developers, and real estate professionals with a powerful software program that helps them quickly generate 3D models of building designs. The program allows users to input various parameters, such as room sizes and wall heights, and then generates a 3D model of the building that can be easily modified and adjusted in real-time.

With Parametric Solutions, the clients can generate quick and accurate feasibility studies and conceptual designs. The software can also analyze the financial feasibility of a project by estimating the construction costs and potential revenue streams.

The tool is a comprehensive solution that can help streamline the design process and reduce the time and resources required to create and modify building designs. Its parametric design capabilities make it a powerful tool for creating efficient and customizable designs that meet specific parameters and constraints.

Parametric Solutions are committed to providing their clients with a software program that helps them create building designs that are both functional and beautiful.


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