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We are pleased to welcome another fantastic mentor!

We are pleased to welcome Alexandra Nash to be a part of our fantastic mentor team. She is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold multiple businesses and is a former tech CEO and the founder of Yuhme, a company selling eco-friendly water bottles that supports CO2 reduction and clean water access in the Central African Republic.

Alexandra is also a business coach; she has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide, providing guidance and strategic support as they developed and scaled their ventures. Now she also serves on multiple boards and uses her global business experience to help shape the direction of scaling organizations. Furthermore, she also has an MBA from NMSU and speaks Swedish, English, German, and Croatian.

Expertise Areas:

  • Environmental Awareness, Sustainability, and Circular Business

  • Internationalisation (Established and Frontier Markets)

  • Strategy and Corporate Development (Ownership, Investment)

  • Scaling and Exits


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